2: Summary of Current Projects

Obesity promotes hypertension, a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Epidemiological studies have linked early life stress as a modifiable risk factor for increased body mass index and blood pressure. Using an advantageous mouse model of early life stress that combines postnatal maternal separation and early weaning (MSEW) with a high fat diet, we have identified two potential adipose tissue-derived targets implicated in the pathways by which these mice display exacerbated obesity-induced hypertension.
Main projects investigating the effect of early life stress:

1) Adipose-derived afferent singnals increasing the sympathetic tone

2) Sex-specific activation of RAAS in adipose tissue, brain and kidney

3) Adipose tissue differentiation

4) effect of perinatal opioids exposure on the cardiovascular and metabolic system

5) Vascular function (PVAT, endothelium, VSMC)

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