Current Seminar Schedule

Spring Semester

Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
1/26/2018 Daniel S. Ory, MD Washington University School of Medicine “Cholesterol: Striking the Balance” Ryan Temel, PhD
2/2/2018 Healthy Heart for Women 2018 Healthy Heart for Women 2018 Healthy Heart for Women 2018
2/9/2018 Scott Anthony LeMaire, MD and Hu Ying Shen, MD, PhD Baylor University College of Medicine "Thoracic Aortic Disease: What Factors Promote Aortic Wall Destruction?" Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc
2/16/2018 Valentina Kon, MD Vanderbilt University "Urinary Lipoproteins Regulate the Renal Lymphatic Network" Hong Lu, MD, PhD
2/23/2018 Hong Wang, MD, PhD, EMBA Temple University "DNA hypomethylation-mediated endothelial Injury and monocyte differentiation" Changcheng Zhou, PhD
3/2/2018 Laurie Kilpatrick, PhD Temple University "Protein Kinase C and Control of Inflammation in Sepsis" Xiangan Li, PhD
3/9/2018 Yabing Chen, PhD University of Alabama at Birmingham "Vascular Calcification and Stiffness: Basic Mechanisms and Translational Potential" Hong Lu, MD, PhD and Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc
3/16/2018 No Lecture-University of Kentucky Spring Break No Lecture-University of Kentucky Spring Break
3/23/2018 Alan T. Remaley, MD, PhD National Institutes of Health "ApoC-II Mimetic Peptides for ApoC-II Deficiency and Other Causes of Hypertriglyceridemia" Xiangan Li, PhD
3/30/2018 Alan E. Mast, MD, PhD Blood Center of Wisconsin "TFPI and FV in Bleeding and Clotting Disorders" Jeremy Wood, PhD
4/6/2018 No Lecture-Fayette County Spring Break No Lecture-Fayette County Spring Break
4/13/2018 Bo Liu, PhD University of Wisconsin Thrombospondin-1, Inflammations and Aortic Aneurysms Nancy Webb, PhD and Ming Gong, MD, PhD
4/20/2018 Ming Gong, PhD University of Kentucky Disrupted Circadian Rhythms of Blood Pressure and Vascular Function in Diabetes Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc
4/27/2018 Gia Mudd-Martin, PhD, MPH, RN and Apostolos "Paul" Psychogios, MD, FACMGG University of Kentucky "Cardiovascular Genetics in the Era of Precision Medicine" Susan Smyth, MD, PhD
5/4/2018 Camille Immanuel, PhD University of Kentucky "Deficiency of the two-pore domain K+ channel TREK1 alters inflammasome activity in the alveolar macrophage" Chris Waters, PhD
5/18/2018 John Curci, MD Vanderbilt University “The Ongoing Quest for Biologic Modifiers of the Human Aortic Aneurysm" Nancy Webb, PhD

Fall Semester

Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
9/14/2018 Hind Lal, PhD Vanderbilt University Novel Mechanism of Cardiac Function and Dysfunction Ahmed Abdel-Latif, MD, PhD
9/21/2018 21st Annual Cardiovascular Research Day 21st Annual Cardiovascular Research Day
9/28/2018 Mark E. Lindsay, MD, PhD Harvard Medical School Hereditary Aortic Disease: Utilizing Genetics to uncover Pathogenesis Mary Sheppard, MD
10/5/2018 NO Seminar - Fayette County Fall Break NO Seminar
10/12/2018 Brian O'Rourke, PhD Johns Hopkins Medicine Mitochondrial Calcium and ROS in Heart Failure and Sudden Cardiac Death Sanda Despa, PhD
10/19/2018 Crystal Ripplinger, PhD UC Davis The nervous heart: Insights into autonomic-mediated arrhythmias Ken Campbell, PhD
10/26/2018 Xianzhong Meng, MD, PhD University of Colorado Denver Toll-like receptors and their endogenous activators in heart valve calcification Xiangan Li, PhD
11/2/2018 Nicholas J. Leeper, MD Stanford University “Emerging Aspects of Efferocytosis in Cardiovascular Disease” Mary Sheppard, MD
11/30/2018 A. Phillip Owens III, PhD University of Cincinnati The Evolving Role of Protease-activated Receptors in Cardiovascular Disease Hong Lu, MD, PhD
12/7/2018 Dan Rudic, PhD and MPhil Medical College of Georgia Cardiovascular Functions of the Circadian Clock Ming Gong, PhD