UKHC Employees Recognized for Outstanding Patient-Centered Care

Saha Cardiovascular Research Center at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine is recognizing five employees who provide outstanding patient-centered care and live the direct values of UK HealthCare to foster diversity, innovation, respect, compassion and teamwork.

Each nominee has a unique set of skills and values that they exhibit daily, as well as a high commitment to patients and quality of care. They were chosen based on stories collected from patients, as well as feedback from their peers.

The 2020 winners are:

  • Jennifer Bell, an Ambulatory Clinic staff member.
  • Thomas Tribble, a clinical/administrative staff member.
  • Clark Lester, an assistant professor.
  • Betsy Anderson, a clinical care nurse.
  • Priya Srivastava, a resident/fellow.

"Each of these employees was selected from an outstanding field of candidates," said Dr. Sibu Saha, chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery. "They make us all feel privileged to be a part of UK HealthCare. I congratulate all award winners and final nominees on this honor and thank you for your dedicated service to our patients."

The UK Saha Cardiovascular Research Center facilitates the development of cardiovascular research efforts across campus. The center facilitates the training of students, including postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, medical students and residents.

The Saha Patient Centered Care Award was established to honor the health care provider who exhibits a high sense of professionalism, a moral obligation to patient-centered care and the ability to lead by example to advocate a change in the UK HealthCare culture.