Now Accepting Applications for Post Doctoral Scholar Position

A position is available in the Department of Physiology. The position is to assist with tissue culture, electrophysiology, molecular biology and biochemistry techniques. S/he will be responsible for performing many of the proposed experiments. The applicant will need to isolate different types of mouse cardiomyocytes (nodal, atrial, ventricular) to perform single cell electrophysiology. The electrophysiology experiments include acquisition and analysis of voltage and current clamp data. Additional experiments include acquisition an analysis of in vivo mouse electrocardiography using but not limited to telemetry implants. The applicant will be responsible for working with mice to perform mouse mRNA experiments including and quantification of newly synthesized RNA using CLICK-IT chemistry based approaches. Western blot for protein quantification. Additional experiments include tissue culture of mammalian cells (e.g. HEKs, C1C12 cells, and inducible pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes), and cell assay based experiments using Lumicycle, patch-clamp, etc. This requires work with heterologous expression of DNA constructs, mutagenesis, and standard molecular biological approaches (DNA preparation, transfection, etc). The applicant is expected to help with manuscript preparation and data presentation at public forums (e.g. scientific conferences).
To apply, candidates should submit an application along with 1. Curriculum Vitae; 2. description of research interests/goals (not to exceed two pages); 3. a list of references with contact information.