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Spring 2014

1/24/2014Deepa Jonnalagadda"Biogenesis of the demarcation membrane system (DMS) in megakaryocytes"
2/28/2014Mennakshi Banerjee "ADAP interactions with talin and kindlin promote platelet integrin aIIbb3 activation and stable fibrinogen binding"
3/28/2014Smita Joshi 
5/23/2014Travis Sexton 


Fall 2013

8/23/2013Binggang Xiang, PhDGray platelet syndrome and defective thrombo-inflammation in Nbeal2-deficient mice
9/27/2013Zhenyu Li, PhD 
10/25/2013Yuri Klyachkin, PhDPodoplanin maintains high endothelial venule integrity by interacting with platelet CLEC-2
11/15/2013Meenakshi BanerjeeClot retraction is mediated by factor XIII-dependent fibrin-αIIbβ3-myosin axis in platelet sphingomyelin-rich membrane rafts
12/13/2013Yunjie HuangA directional switch of integrin signalling and a new anti-thrombotic strategy


Spring 2013

1/25/2013Susan S. Smyth, MD, PhD 
2/22/2013Shaojing Ye, PhDThe exposure of autoantigens by microparticles underlies the formation of potent inflammatory components: the microparticle-associated immune complexes
3/22/2013Paul Mueller 
4/19/2013Travis Sexton, PhDPlatelets activated during myocardial infarction release functional miRNA which can be taken up by endothelial cells and regulate ICAM1 expression
5/24/2013Smita JoshiThe VPS33B-binding protein VPS16B is required in megakaryocyte and platelet a-granule biogenesis
6/28/2013Summer VacationSummer Vacation
7/26/2013Summer VacationSummer Vacation


Fall 2012

8/24/2012Summer VacationSummer Vacation
9/28/2012Zhenyu Li, PhDPlatelets induce neutrophil extracellular traps in transfusion-related acute lung injury
10/26/2012Fanmuyi Yang, PhDProtein disulfide isomerase inhibitors constitute a new class of antithrombotic agents
11/16/2012Yuri Klyachkin, PhDProtein Kinase C ÎµExpression in Platelets from Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
12/13/13Yunjie Huang 


Spring 2012

01/27/2012Prof. Susan S. SmythThrombin-Receptor Antagonist Vorapaxar in Acute Coronary Syndromes 
02/24/2012Meenakshi BanerjeePlatelet Microparticles Promote Neural Stem Cell Proliferation, Survival and Differentiation
03/23/2012Yunjie HuangPolycomb group ring finger 1 cooperates with Runx1 in regulating differentiation and self-renewal of hematopoietic cells
04/27/2012Paul MuellerThe macrophage mannose receptor promotes uptake of ADAMTS13 by dendritic cells
5/25/2012Prof. Sidney W. WhiteheartPlatelets and platelet-like particles mediate intercellular RNA transfer
6/22/2012Jinchao ZhangTumor-derived tissue factor activates coagulation and enhances thrombosis in a mouse xenograft model of human pancreatic cancer
7/27/2012Summer VacationSummer Vacation
8/24/2012Summer VacationSummer Vacation


Fall 2011

8/26/2011Summer Vacation 
9/23/2011Dr. Binggang XiangConnexin 37 limits thrombus propensity by downregulating platelet reactivity
10/28/2011Meenakshi BanerjeeHistones induce rapid and profound thrombocytopenia in mice
11/18/2011Jinchao ZhangMegakaryocyte-specific RhoA deficiency causes macrothrombocytopenia and defective platelet activation in hemostasis and thrombosis
12/23/2011Christmas Vacation 


Spring 2011

01/28/2011Prof. Susan S. SmythHyperglycemia-Induced Cerebral Hematoma Expansion is Mediated by Plasma Kallikrein
02/25/2011Prof. Sidney W. Whiteheart 
03/25/2011Dr. Tao WuIdentification of an Antithrombotic Allosteric Modulator that Acts Through Helix 8 of PAR1
04/22/2011Deepa JonnalagaddaTBA
5/27/2011Yunjie HuangDown-Regulation of Stathmin Expression is Required for Megakaryocyte Maturation
6/24/2011Lorenzo FredericoPlatelet gene therapy improves hemostatic function for integrin αIIbβ3-deficient dogs
7/22/2011Summer Vacation 
8/26/2011Summer Vacation 


Fall 2010

9/24/2010Dr. Michael ChickaThe platelet interior revisited: electron tomography reveals tubular a-granule subtypes.
10/29/2010Lorenzo FedericoExtracellular DNA traps promote thrombosis
11/19/2010Shaojing YeInfusion of mature megakaryocytes into mice yields functional platelets
12/24/201012/24/2010CHRISTMAS VACATION 


Spring 2010

1/22/2010Zachary Fulkerson/ Abelghaffar K Salous  CIB1 Regulates Endothelial Cells and Ischemia-Induced Pathological and Adaptive Angiogenesis
2/26/2010Dr. Sydney WhiteheartPlatelets amplify inflammation in arthritis via collagen-dependent microparticle production
3/26/2010Dr. Susan SmythPlatelets Play an Essential Role in Separating the Blood and Lymphatic Vasculatures During Embryonic Angiogenesis
4/30/2010Zachary FulkersonG Protein Subunit Ga13 Binds to Integrin aIIbB3 and Mediates Integrin "Outside-In" Signaling
5/28/2010Dr. Tao WuPlatelet JNK1 is involved in secretion and thrombus formation
6/25/2010Dr. Zhenyu LiThe AMP-activated kinase (AMPK) alpha2 subunit is involved in platelet signaling, clot retraction and thrombus stability.


Fall 2009

9/25Zachary Fulkerson 
10/30Rania Al Hawas 
11/20Abdelghaffar K. Salous 


Spring 2009

1/30Fanmuyi YangEndothelial Cell PECAM Promotes Atherosclerosis Lesions in Areas of Disturbed Flow in ApoE-Deficient Mice.                                                   
2/27Wangsun Choi 
3/27Shaojing YeThe Tyrosine Phosphatase CD148 is an Essential Positive Regulator of Platelet Activation and Thrombosis.
4/24Zhenyu LiLoss of pleckstrin defines a novel pathway for PKC-mediated exocytosis.
5/29Samy M. SelimPlatelet Matrix Metalloprotease-1 Mediates Thrombogenesis by Activating PAR1 at a Cryptic Ligand Site
6/26Michael Chicka 
7/31No Journal Club-Summer Vacation
8/28No Journal Club-Summer Vacation


Fall 2008

9/26Zach Fulkerson (Smyth Lab)  Genetic Components of the Circulation Clock Regulate Thrombogenesis in Vivo
10/31Whiteheart Lab 
11/28Anping Dong (Smyth Lab) 


Spring 2008

1/28Zubair Ahmad Karim 
2/25Julie OestreichInfluence of Omeprazole on the Antiplatelet Action of Clopidogrel Associated with Aspririn.
3/24Wangsun ChoiIdentification of a Fibril-Independent Platelet Contractile Mechanism Regulating Primary Hemostasis and Thrombus Growth.
5/30Fanmuyi Yang (Smyth Lab)In Vivo Imaging in Mice Reveals Local Cell Dynamics and Inflammation in Obese Adipose Tissue.
6/27Whiteheart Lab 
7/25Lorenzo Federico (Smyth Lab) 
8/29Whiteheart Lab 


Fall 2007

8/27Susan Smyth, M.D.The antithrombotic potential of selecive blockade of talin-dependent integrin activation.
9/24Sidney W. Whiteheart, Ph.D.Megakaryocyte-restricted MYH9 inactivation dramatically affects hemostasis while preserving platelet aggregation and secretion.
10/22Qiansheng Ren 
11/26Rebekah Waikel, Ph.D.Platelet CD36 links hyperlipidemia, oxidant stress and a prothrombotic phenotype.


Spring 2007

01/22Zubair Karim (Whiteheart lab)PKC-delta regulates collagen-induced platelet aggregation through inhibition of VASP-mediated filopodia formation. 
02/26Qiansheng Ren (Whiteheart lab)“Vascular wall–produced prostaglandin E2 exacerbates arterial thrombosis and atherothrombosis through platelet EP3 receptors” by Gross et al.
03/26Chunxia Zhao (Whiteheart lab) 
04/23TBA (Smyth lab) 


Fall 2006 

07/24Susan Smyth, MDPlatelet-Derived Serotonin Mediates Liver Regeneration
08/28Sidney Whiteheart, PhDRac1 is Essential for Platelet Lamelllipodia Formation and Aggregate Stability Under Flow
9/25Scott Akers, PharmDThe active metabolite of Clopidogrel disrupts P2Y12 receptor oligomers and partitions them out of lipid rafts
10/23Garland Crawford (Whiteheart lab)Identification of a Two-Stage Platelet Aggregation Process Mediating Shear-Dependent Thrombus Formation
11/27Julie Oestreich (Akers lab) 
12/25No BCJC - Holiday