Current Seminar Schedule

Fall Semester 2021

Speaker Title Location Institute Host/Sponsor
9/10/2021 23rd Annual Cardiovascular Research Day TODD 234
9/17/2021 Filip K. Swirski, PhD "Lifestyle, Inflammation, and Cardiovascular Disease" Via Zoom Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Congqing Wu, PhD
9/24/2021 Michael J. Wolfgang, PhD "Hepatic lipid signaling and metabolism in diabetes and obesity" TODD 234 Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Robert Helsley, PhD and Gregory Graf, PhD
10/1/2021 TBD TODD 234
10/8/2021 Bin Zhou, MD, PhD "Endocardial Cells in Heart Development and Disease" TODD 234 Albert Einstein College of Medicine Hong Lu, PhD
10/15/2021 Lale Ozcan, MD TBD TODD 234 Columbia University Gregory Graf, PhD
10/22/2021 Timothy J. Stalker, PhD TBD TODD 234 Thomas Jefferson University Wally Whiteheart, PhD
10/29/2021 Dudley Strickland, PhD TBD TODD 234 University of Maryland School of Medicine Hong Lu, PhD
11/5/2021 Hong Wang, MD, PhD, EMBA TBD TODD 234 Lewis Katz School of Medicine Gregory Graf, PhD
11/12/2021 Kiran Musunuru, MD, PhD TBD Via Zoom University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine Ryan Temel, PhD
11/26/2021 Thanksgiving Holiday Thanksgiving Holiday