Current Journal Club Schedule

Fall Semester

Speaker Title Location Institute Host/Sponsor
8/25/2020 Lu Lab/Yanxiang Gao "Role of PAR1-Egr1 in the Initiation of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm in Fbln4-Deficient Mice" TODD 234
9/1/2020 Venditto Lab/David Henson "IL-10–producing B cells are enriched in murine pericardial adipose tissues and ameliorate the outcome of acute myocardial infarction" TODD 234
9/8/2020 Gong Lab/Mina Lin "Sympathetic Enhancement of Memory T-Cell Homing and Hypertension Sensitization"
9/15/2020 Temel Lab/Ryan Temel, PhD "Clonally expanding smooth muscle cells promote atherosclerosis by escaping efferocytosis and activating the complement cascade" TODD 234
9/22/2020 Daugherty Lab/Shayan Mohammad Moradi "Lung-derived HMGB1 is detrimental for vascular remodeling of metabolically imbalanced arterial macrophages" TODD 234
9/29/2020 Gordon Lab/Maura Mobilia "Anti-Inflammatory Actions of Soluble Ninjurin-1 Ameliorate Atherosclerosis" TODD 234
10/6/2020 Webb Lab/Nancy Webb, PhD "Myocardial infarction accelerates breast cancer via innate immune reprogramming" TODD 234
10/13/2020 Graf Lab/Greg Graf "Controlled-Release Mitochondrial Protonophore (CRMP) Reverses Dyslipidemia and Hepatic Steatosis in Dysmetabolic Nonhuman Primates" TODD 234
10/20/2020 Subramanian Lab/Aida Javidan "Cyclodextrin Prevents Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm via Activation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Transcription Factor EB" TODD 234
10/27/2020 Guo Lab/Shu Liu "T cells with dysfunctional mitochondria induce multimorbidity and premature senescence" TODD 234
11/3/2020 Yiannikouris Lab/Kellea Nichols NO Journal Club - Election Day TODD 234
11/10/2020 Cassis Lab/Yasir Alsiraj "MicroRNA-144 Silencing Protects Against Atherosclerosis in Male, but Not Female Mice" TODD 234
11/17/2020 Graf Lab/Allison Segard “A single platform to investigate posttranscriptional regulation of hepatic proteins in vivo and in vitro” TODD 234