Current Journal Club Schedule

Spring Semester

Speaker Title Location Institute Host/Sponsor
1/18/2022 CANCELED BBSRB B202 Cassis Lab/Yasir Alsiraj
1/25/2022 "Olfactory receptor 2 in vascular macrophages drives atherosclerosis by NLRP3-dependent IL-1 production" BBSRB B202 Daugherty Lab/Shayan Mohammadmoradi
2/1/2022 CANCELED BBSRB B202 Guo Lab
2/8/2022 "Enterically derived high-density lipoprotein restrains liver injury through the portal vein" BBSRB B202 Gordon Lab/Scott Gordon, PhD
2/15/2022 "Hepatic FoxOs link insulin signaling with plasma lipoprotein metabolism through an apolipoprotein M/sphingosine-1- phosphate pathway" BBSRB B202 Graf Lab/Greg Graf, PhD
2/22/2022 "β3-Adrenergic receptor downregulation leads to adipocyte catecholamine resistance in obesity" BBSRB B202 Gong Lab/An-Hsuan Lin
3/1/2022 "Inhibition of carnitine palmitoyl-transferase 1A in hepatic stellate cells protects against fibrosis" BBSRB B202 Graf Lab/Mikala Zelows
3/8/2022 "ZEB2 Shapes the Epigenetic Landscape of Atherosclerosis" BBSRB B202 Lu Lab/Hui Chen
3/15/2022 "Serum amyloid A delivers retinol to intestinal myeloid cells to promote adaptive immunity" BBSRB B202 Shridas Lab/Preetha Shridas
3/29/2022 "Nuclear Receptor Nur77 Protects Against Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm by Ameliorating Inflammation Via Suppressing LOX-1" BBSRB B202 Subramanian Lab/Aida Javidan
4/5/2022 "CCL17 Aggravates Myocardial Injury by Suppressing Recruitment of Regulatory T Cells" BBSRB B202 Venditto Lab/Vince Venditto
4/12/2022 "FcγR-mediated SARS-CoV-2 infection of monocytes activates inflammation" BBSRB B202 Wu Lab/Congqing Wu
4/19/2022 "Soluble (Pro)Renin Receptor as a Negative Regulator of NCC (Na+-Cl– Cotransporter) Activity" BBSRB B202 Yiannikouris Lab/Gertrude Arthur
4/26/2022 "Efferocytosis induces macrophage proliferation to help resolve tissue injury" BBSRB B202 Temel Lab/Lei Cai

Fall Semester

Speaker Title Location Institute Host/Sponsor
9/13/2022 TBD BBSRB B202
9/20/2022 TBD BBSRB B202
9/27/2022 TBD BBSRB B202
10/4/2022 TBD BBSRB B202
10/11/2022 TBD BBSRB B202
10/18/2022 TBD BBSRB B202
10/25/2022 TBD BBSRB B202
11/1/2022 TBD BBSRB B202
11/8/2022 TBD BBSRB B202
11/15/2022 TBD BBSRB B202
11/22/2022 TBD BBSRB B202
11/29/2022 TBD BBSRB B202