Current Journal Club Schedule

Spring Semester

Speaker Title Location Institute Host/Sponsor
1/26/2021 Yiannikouris Lab/Kellea Nichols Direct Actions of AT1 (Type 1 Angiotensin) Receptors in Cardiomyocytes Do Not Contribute to Cardiac Hypertrophy TODD 234
2/2/2021 Cassis Lab/Yasir Al-Siraj "Inhibition of miR-155 Attenuates Detrimental Vascular Effects of Tobacco Cigarette Smoking" TODD 234
2/9/2021 Daugherty Lab/Masayoshi Kukida "E17241 as a Novel ABCA1 (ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter A1) Upregulator Ameliorates Atherosclerosis in Mice" TODD 234
2/16/2021 Gong Lab/Xufang Mu "TREM-1 orchestrates angiotensin II–induced monocyte trafficking and promotes experimental abdominal aortic aneurysm" Via Zoom ONLY
2/23/2021 Gordon Lab/Scott Gordon "Receptor-Mediated ER Export of Lipoproteins Controls Lipid Homeostasis in Mice and Humans" TODD 234
3/2/2021 Graf Lab/Kori Williams "Genetic deletion of Abcc6 disturbs cholesterol homeostasis in mice" TODD 234
3/9/2021 Guo Lab/Shu Liu "Circadian rhythms in the absence of the clock gene Bmal1" TODD 234
3/16/2021 Lu Lab/Satoko Ohno "KLF11 protects against abdominal aortic aneurysm through inhibition of endothelial cell dysfunction" TODD 234
3/23/2021 Subramanian Lab/Aida Javidan "Prevention of CaCl2-induced aortic inflammation and subsequent aneurysm formation by the CCL3–CCR5 axis" TODD 234
3/30/2021 Temel Lab/Lei Cai "RIPK1 Expression Associates With Inflammation in Early Atherosclerosis in Humans and Can Be Therapeutically Silenced to Reduce NF-κB Activation and Atherogenesis in Mice" TODD 234
4/6/2021 Venditto Lab/Vince Venditto "ALDH4A1 is an atherosclerosis auto-antigen targeted by protective antibodies" TODD 234
4/13/2021 Webb Lab/Ailing Li "Lysosomal lipoprotein processing in endothelial cells stimulates adipose tissue thermogenic adaptation" TODD 234