Current Journal Club Schedule

Spring Semester

Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
1/16/2018 Sean Thatcher, PhD "Low STAT3 expression sensitizes to toxic effects of b-adrenergic receptor stimulation in peripartum cardiomyopathy" Cassis Lab
1/23/2018 Feiming Ye "MicroRNA-100 Suppresses Chronic Vascular Inflammation by Stimulation of Endothelial Autophagy" Daugherty Lab
1/30/2018 Shu Liu "Targeting Interleukin-1β Protects from Aortic Aneurysms Induced by Disrupted Transforming Growth Factor β Signaling" Gong Lab
2/6/2018 Rupinder Kaur "Doxorubicin enhances oxysterol levels resulting in a LXR-mediated upregulation of cardiac cholesterol transporters" Graf Lab
2/13/2018 Xufang Mu "Bmal1 in Perivascular Adipose Tissue Regulates Resting Phase Blood Pressure Through Transcriptional Regulation of Angiotensinogen" Guo Lab
2/20/2018 Xiangan Li, PhD "Inflammasome-activated gasdermin D causes pyroptosis by forming membrane pores" X. Li Lab
2/27/2018 Peter Hecker "Defective cholesterol clearance limits remyelination in the aged central nervous system" Temel Lab
3/6/2018 Congqing Wu "LPS and non-canonical inflammasome activation" Morris/Smyth/Latif Lab
3/13/2018 Madhur Agrawal "Regulatory T Cell Migration Is Dependent on Glucokinase-Mediated Glycolysis" Nikolajczyk Lab
3/20/2018 John Satin, PhD "Physiological genomics identifies genetic modifiers of long QT syndrome type 2 severity" Satin Lab
3/27/2018 Aida Javidan "DKK3 (Dickkopf 3) Alters Atherosclerotic Plaque Phenotype Involving Vascular Progenitor and Fibroblast Differentiation Into Smooth Muscle Cells" Subramanian Lab
4/3/2018 Carolina Dalmossa “A Unique "Angiotensin-Sensitive" Neuronal Population Coordinates Neuroendocrine, Cardiovascular, and Behavioral Responses to Stress.” Loria Lab
4/10/2018 David Henson "Apolipoprotein AI prevents regulatory to follicular helper T cell switching during atherosclerosis" Venditto Lab
4/17/2018 Eva Gatineau "Absence of ANGPTL4 in adipose tissue improves glucose tolerance and attenuates atherogenesis" Yiannikouris Lab
4/24/2018 Weiwei Lu Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Receptor-Dependent Pathway Drives Epicardial Adipose Tissue Formation After Myocardial Injury Zhou Lab
5/1/2018 TBD Cassis Lab