Celebration Held for Esteemed, Retiring Faculty

November 28, 2018 - Friends, family, and colleagues joined together to honor three retiring, esteemed UK faculty members. A retirement celebration was held on November 28 at the Hillary J. Boone Center to honor the careers and celebrate the retirement of Drs. Marcielle De Beer, Sandy Legan, and David Randall.

Fellow colleagues honored each retiree with a summary of their exceptional careers in academics and research, honorary comments from faculty and former students, and a presentation of gifts. Friends and family from across the country arrived to celebrate these distinguished individuals and their remarkable careers at the University of Kentucky. All three honorees have held faculty positions within the Department of Physiology. Dr. De Beer has also held a faculty position within the Saha Cardiovascular Research Center.

We thank Drs. De Beer, Legan, and Randall for their many years of service and wish them the very best in the next chapter of their lives.

Honoree’s years of service:

Dr. Marcielle De Beer: 1990-2018

Dr. Sandy Legan: 1978-2018

Dr. David Randall: 1975-2018