UK HealthCare Physicians Are Named to 2017-18 Best Doctors in America

UK HealthCare has more than 130 physicians practicing medicine with University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Hospital, Kentucky Children's Hospital, UK Good Samaritan Hospital who appear on the Best Doctors...

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"Serum amyloid A3 is pro-atherogenic"

BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Serum amyloid A (SAA) predicts cardiovascular events. Overexpression of SAA increases atherosclerosis development; however, deficiency of two of the murine acute phase isoforms, SAA1.1 and...

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"Researcher, Heal Thyself?"

“You see doctor, when I found out you had Marfan syndrome and I saw that you were pregnant, I felt so jealous I could not stand it. Then I realized, if you did it, maybe I could, too.”     My mind raced with...

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How is an Olympian's Heart Different?

It's common knowledge that exercise is good for our muscles. Regular workouts help tone the muscle we have and build more muscle on top of that.But the heart is a muscle too. When you exercise, your heart "...

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'Healthy Hearts for Women' Spotlights Cardiovascular Research

In a society that values gender equality, it's important to remember that there are differences between the sexes that directly impact health.One area in critical need of further study is cardiovascular health...

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Dr. Changcheng Zhou and Colleagues publish in JCI Insight!

Dr. Changcheng Zhou and fellow departmental and UK colleagues, including Drs. Yipeng Sui, Zun Liu, Se-Yhung Park, Sean Thatcher and Phil Kern, have published in the new journal JCI Insight, a sister...

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UK College of Medicine Receives Prestigious Grant to Investigate Vascular Disease

The American Heart Association has awarded a University of Kentucky and Baylor University research partnership $3.7 million to study aortic disease.UK and Baylor were one of four teams nationwide to receive...

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To the Bluegrass and Beyond: Alumnus John Charles Reflects on 30-year career at NASA

Why?That's the question John Charles constantly asked his parents as a boy. His father was a trained geologist, but he struggled to answer his son's barrage of questions about nature. So he made sure young...

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Agenda - 4th Annual Symposium "Healthy Hearts for Women"

4th Annual Symposium "Healthy Hearts for Women"

Agenda8:15 - 9:00                    Breakfast-Registration9:00 - 9:05 Introduction 9:05 - 9:30Dr. Donna Arnett(Dean, College of Public Heath, UK)" Cardiovascular Health in Women"9:30 - 10:20 Dr. Virginia...

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"Inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis through RNF145-dependent ubiquitination of SCAP"

Cholesterol homeostasis is maintained through concerted action of the SREBPs and LXRs. Here, we report that RNF145, a previously uncharacterized ER membrane ubiquitin ligase, participates in crosstalk between...

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Gill Heart Institute Cardiovascular Research Day Highlights Innovations in Cardiovascular Health

More than 350 researchers, students and guests attended the 20th University of Kentucky Cardiovascular Research Day at the Lexington Convention Center, an annual event that celebrates the innovative research...

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"Calpain Inhibition Attenuates Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Fibrosis in Diet-induced Obese Mice"

Latha Muniappan1, Aida Javidan1, Weihua Jiang1, Shayan Mohammadmoradi 1, Jessica J.Moorleghen1, Wendy S. Katz1, Anju Balakrishnan1, Deborah A. Howatt1 & VenkateswaranSubramanian1,2Adipose tissue...

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"Targeting hepatic heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor (HB-EGF) induces anti-hyperlipidemia leading to reduction of angiotensin II-induced aneurysm development"

OBJECTIVE:The upregulated expression of heparin binding EGF-like growth factor (HB-EGF) in the vessel and circulation is associated with risk of cardiovascular disease. In this study, we tested the effects of...

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2017 Saha Awardees Announced

The Saha Cardiovascular Research Center recently announced the winners of the 2017 Saha Awards. These annual awards are given to Medical and Nursing students as well as to a nurse educator. The awards are...

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"The dual role of group V secretory phospholipase A2 in pancreatic β-cells."

AbstractPURPOSE:Group X (GX) and group V (GV) secretory phospholipase A2 (sPLA2) potently release arachidonic acid (AA) from the plasma membrane of intact cells. We previously demonstrated that GX sPLA2...

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Registration Open for the 2017 SELRC

 2017 South East Lipid Research ConferenceNovember 2-4, 2017 21C Museum Hotel Lexington, KY www.SELRC.orgSouth East Lipid Research Conference (SELRC) is scheduled in conjunction with Cardiovascular Research...

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