Invited Speakers

    William C. Sessa, Ph.D.
Professor of Pharmacology
Yale School of Medicine
   New Haven, CT
   “Novel Mechanisms Controlling Function”


   Peter Libby, M.D.
Chief of Cardiovascular Medicinee   
Brigham and Women’s Hospital   
Boston, MA  
   “Inflammation in Atherosclerosis”



   Daniel Kelly, M.D.
   Senior Vice President and Scientific Director 
   Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
   Orlando, FL
   “Deciphering the Metabolic Origins of Heart Failure”


Poster Awards 

Stew Whitman Memorial 1st Place Award $750 Prabha Nagareddy  
Stew Whitman Memorial 2nd Place Award $250 Jonathan Suever  
1st Place Award, $500 Oreoluwa Adedoyin  
1st Place Award, $500 Wei Zhang  
2nd Place Award, $100 Gregory Wehner  
3rd Place Award, $100 Jason Meyer  
1st Place Award, $500 Jennifer Smith  
Undergraduate Student
1st Place Award, $300 Tyler Garner  


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