Current Seminar Schedule

Spring Semester

Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
1/13/2017 Jeremy P. Wood, PhD Blood Research Institute Blood Center of Wisconsin The Regulation of Blood Coagulation by TFPIα Susan Smyth, MD, PhD
1/27/2017 Jacqueline Saw, MD University of British Columbia "Update on Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection" Paul Anaya, MD, PhD
2/3/2017 Samithamby Jeyaseelan, PhD Louisiana State University "Innate Immune Mechanisms in Pneumonia and Sepsis " Xiangan Li, PhD
2/10/2017 Stella Aslibekyan, PhD UAB School of Public Health "Integrative -Omics Analysis of Lipids in a Population-Based Study" Gregory Graf, PhD
2/17/2017 Puja K. Mehta, MD Emory University School of Medicine "Women and Heart Disease: Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction" Paul Anaya MD, PhD
2/24/2017 Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, MS, FAHA, FACC New York University School of Medicine “Stable Ischemic Heart Disease and the Role of Revascularization” David Booth, MD
3/3/2017 NO Cardiovascular Seminar Series NO Cardiovascular Seminar Series
3/10/2017 Antonio De Maio, PhD UC San Diego “Early Intervention for Sepsis Resolution. A Contribution from Experimental Animal Models.” Xiang-An Li, PhD
3/17/2017 No Lecture-University of Kentucky Spring Break No Lecture-University of Kentucky Spring Break
3/24/2017 Kathleen Martin, PhD Yale School of Medicine “mTORC1 & rapamycin in vascular smooth muscle: old dog, new tricks” Greg Graf, PhD
3/31/2017 Eugene S. Lee, MD, PhD University of California, Davis "The management of small abdominal aortic aneurysms" Zhenheng Guo, PhD
4/7/2017 No Lecture-Fayette County Spring Break No Lecture-Fayette County Spring Break
4/14/2017 Carlos Fernandez-Hernando Yale School of Medicine "Lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis: Novel insights into plaque formation" Gregory Graf, PhD
4/21/2017 Danielle Dean, PhD Vanderbilt University Medical Center "Nutrient Regulation of Pancreatic Islet Cell Proliferation" Ryan Temel, PhD
5/12/2017 Camilla Ferreira Wenceslau, Ph.D. Augusta University "Mitochondrial N-formyl peptides induce cardiovascular collapse and sepsis-like syndrome" Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc
5/19/2017 Donald Bers, PhD University of California Davis "Calmodulin and CaMKII signaling in cardiac myocytes" Sanda Despa, PhD

Fall Semester

Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
9/8/2017 TBD
9/15/2017 TBD
9/22/2017 MacRae F. Linton, MD Vanderbilt University TBD Greg Graf, PhD
9/29/2017 TBD
10/6/2017 TBD
10/13/2017 TBD
10/20/2017 Xianzhong Meng, MD, PhD University of Colorado Denver "Toll-like receptors and their endogenous activators in heart valve calcification" Xiangan Li, PhD
10/27/2017 TBD
11/3/2017 20th Annual Cardiovascular Research Day Cardiovascular Research Day 2017 Gill Heart Institute Cardiovascular Research Center
11/10/2017 Karin Hoffmeister, MD Harvard Medical School TBD Zhenyu Li, MD, PhD
11/17/2017 TBD
11/24/2017 NO Seminar-Thanksgiving Break NO Seminar-Thanksgiving Break
12/1/2017 TBD