Current Seminar Schedule

Fall Semester 2020

Speaker Title Location Institute Host/Sponsor
9/11/2020 Congqing Wu "Introduction to RNAseq from a User’s Perspective" Hong Lu, PhD
10/2/2020 TBD
10/9/2020 Jia L. Zhuo, MD, PhD, FASN, FAHA "The Novel Roles of Intratubular Paracrine and Intracrine Angiotensin II in The Kidney: New Insights and Future Perspectives" Via Zoom - Passcode: CVRC Tulane University School of Medicine Hong Lu, PhD
10/16/2020 Congqing Wu "Pyroptosis links innate immunity and coagulation" Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc
10/23/2020 Leigh Goedeke, PhD "From the First World War to the War Against Obesity: Therapeutic Potential of Mitochondrial Uncouplers for the Treatment of Cardiometabolic Disorders" Yale School of Medicine Greg Graf, PhD
10/30/2020 Nikolaos G. Frangogiannis, M.D. TBD Albert Einstein College of Medicine Ahmed Abdel-Latif, M.D., PhD
11/6/2020 Ada Weinstock TBD NYU Langone Greg Graf, PhD
11/13/2020 Marko Poglitsch, PhD TBD Attoquant Diagnostics GmbH Hong Lu, PhD
11/20/2020 A.H.J. (Jan) Danser, PhD TBD Erasmus Medical Center Hong Lu, PhD